Martial Arts Master Conditioning Lab offers a wide variety of top notch,  specialised services led by a highly experienced and professional team of people.


Get fit and see great results with EMS Training (Electro Muscle Stimulation) from MAM Conditioning, combined with Yoga & Boxing Classes.

EMS Training


  • Athlete Prehab

    Athlete Prehab

    Cutting Edge Precision Training for Martial Artists and Sports People. MAM-CONDITIONING LAB delivers the latest in injury prevention training known as PREHAB. MAM – Conditioning team of specialised coaches/instructors will integrate Prehab into your Strength and Conditioning programme...You don't have Strength and Conditioning programme? No worries we will create a specially tailored programme for you.
  • Child - Development Programme

    Child - Development Programme

    This programme is aimed at children in the “Initiation Stage” 6 – 10 years of age. The program aims at developing a child's co-ordination, hand eye co-ordination, leg eye co-ordination, proprioception and improved concentration. These valuble skills will give your child an edge in sports.
  • Boxing


    Burn insane amounts of calories while learning how to kick ass. Learn from a Pro – Boxer.
  • Yoga


    We offer yoga courses, mentorship programmes and classes. Relax and Revitilise and "Focus". Stretch and Strengthen. Balance and Control. Fantastic for correct stretching and very complimentory to any Athlete's programme
  • Pilates


    You want a strong core? Try our Pilates classes. These classes are more advanced and aimed at creating an awareness in correct movement, strength and suppleness control. At least 4 private training sessions are required prior to joining the class!
  • Taekwondo


    Learn self-defence and kick your way to fitness All Taekwondo classes taught by Master Ognjen Bozic 5th DAN Black Belt, World Taekwondo Federation 30 years training experience 5 times National Colours
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  • In my time as a Ski Jumper on the world stage, I never knew such an intensive and at the
    Alexander Herr Ski Jumping World Champion 2001 and 2006. German Champion, Olympic Bronze Medalist in 2004
  • In my opinion, EMS training is the ideal supplement to conventioal strengthen training
    Nils Schumann Olympic and European Champion in the 800 metre sprint. Germany's Athlete of the year 2000
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