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Ognjen Bozic Kathleen Elder (YOGA) Nikola Domazet (BOXING)
10:00 am Busy Busy Busy
10:30 am Busy Busy Busy
11:00 am Busy Busy Busy
11:30 am Busy Busy Busy
13:30 pm Busy Busy Busy
14:00 pm Busy Busy Busy
14:30 pm Busy Busy Busy
15:00 pm Busy Busy Busy
15:30 pm Busy Busy Busy
16:00 pm Busy Busy Busy
16:30 pm Busy Busy Busy
17:00 pm Busy Busy Busy
17:30 pm Busy Busy Busy
18:00 pm Busy Busy Busy
18:30 pm Busy Busy Busy
19:00 pm Busy Busy Busy

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    60 min Classes


    60 min Classes


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  • In my time as a Ski Jumper on the world stage, I never knew such an intensive and at the
    Alexander Herr Ski Jumping World Champion 2001 and 2006. German Champion, Olympic Bronze Medalist in 2004
  • In my opinion, EMS training is the ideal supplement to conventioal strengthen training
    Nils Schumann Olympic and European Champion in the 800 metre sprint. Germany's Athlete of the year 2000
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