Ognjen Bozic, MAM- Conditioning Lab founder, is a Martial Arts Master, Biomechanics Specialist at The Rugby High-Performance Centre, Amatuer Trail Runner, and Yoga enthusiast.

Ognjen was 5 times National champion in Taekwondo both in his home country of former Yugoslavia and later, in South Africa. He has been practicing Taekwondo for 30 years and is a registered 5th DAN Black Belt through Kukkiwon (Taekwondo World Headquarters) in Korea.

In 1995 to compliment his Taekwondo training, Ognjen started practicing Yoga, exploring breath techniques and a different concept of flexibility. This led to a broadening of his knowledge and discovering Pilates Precision Training, which took Ognjen further in the understanding of Biomechanics.

Ognjen then went on to receive a diploma in Sports Science and Body Movement in 2010 through HFPA, he then started his career as a Personal Trainer at Virgin Active, expanding on his studies and continuing with his passion in the Sports and Fitness industry.

In 2012 he took his enthusiasm for Yoga further by becoming a certified instructor through Trifocus Fitness Academy.

It was in 2013, when Ognjen took things to an extreme when he broke the World Record in a kick punch marathon (24 hours 30 minutes) to test/challenge his physical and mental strength and understanding of specific Sports Science Training.

Through his passion, practice and understanding of the various disciplines, in 2014, Ognjen started to develop his own exercises. As many of his clients are Sportspeople (Martial Artists, Trail Runners, Cyclists, Dancers and Rugby players), he was particularly interested in injury prevention and optimal Sports performance. As a result he began developing his system of Prehab integrating it into his client's Strength and Conditioning progammes.

This new format of training yielded great results not only for himself but for his clients as well.

Ognjen joined the coaching team at The Rugby High-Performance Centre as a Biomechanics Specialist in January 2016.

Ognjen continues to explore and hone his training format, deriving and developing his exercises from the combined philosophies of the various disciplines he studies and practices, expanding upon them, and has created the MAM-CONDITIONING training and Prehab Method.

Kathleen's facination with movement and the incredible feats of the body began as a child when she started Athletics at 7 then Gymnastics and Ballet at 8.

From early on she understood the rigerous training it takes to be top in ones chosen Sport or Art. Upon graduating High School, she chose the path of professional dancer and later Choreographer.

1989 - Her career took her all over the world, however she was particularily drawn to Asia, as she was always loved Martial Arts with its complexity of movement and precision.

It was here in Asia, that a knee injury helped her realise how important specific training (over and above the skill training in the dance class) is to prepare for the exteme demands placed on the body during a dance performance.

Through this she discovered the benefits of Yoga and Tai Chi for focus, healing and preparing onesself mentally and studied these disciplines further.

1998 - Kathleen then made her way to London, studying Drama and Physical Performance further learning about body movement and bio- mechanics - this led to finding Pilates.

2000 - Upon returning to South Africa, Kathleen persued her qualification in Pilates.

In 2001 , a car accident caused her to suffer a fractured pelvis, however,  due to her training, her recovery was quick.

As a result she gained a deeper understanding of the rhabilitation process, spinal imbalanes. Muscuar imbalances, joint restrictions etc and how to train to overcome them espespecially when the demands of strength, agility and suppleness are high, as with dancers and Martial artists.

Kathleen continues to dance, instruct and Facilitate courses in Pilates and Yoga and learn. She has also obtained a 2nd DAN in WTF taekwondo and Hapkido and is heading for her 3rd DAN.

2016 – Kathleen was diagnosed with G.B.S and spent 2 months in hospital recovering from temporary paralysis. Her practice in her chosen disciplines helped her recover faster than Doctors expected.

Kathleen's speciality is Yoga, Pilates and Body/Mind Awareness For Martial Artists, Dancers and Sportspeople. When physical demands are high, so are the mental and emotional.

Nikola has been competing in boxing since 2010 and turned professional in June 2015.

As a Boxer and a fitness fanatic, he has extensive experience in what it takes to keep you in top shape - weight maintaince and nutrition.

Tone and tighten up your body while learning how to defend yourself.

And for you Combat Athletes  out there, Nikola will definitely help hone your boxing skills.

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    Alexander Herr Ski Jumping World Champion 2001 and 2006. German Champion, Olympic Bronze Medalist in 2004
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    Nils Schumann Olympic and European Champion in the 800 metre sprint. Germany's Athlete of the year 2000
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